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Learning the differences between electric and acoustic guitar

electric and acoustic guitar

Guitar is the most popular music instrument of all. This instrument is played everywhere around the world. This same instrument can be used to make various kinds of music, whether it is, classical or jazz music, you can create your own style with guitar.
The two basic types of guitars are, acoustic and electric. There are three major differences between these two types of guitars but they have several things in common as well. Let’s discuss the similarities. Firstly, both of the guitars have six strings along its neck which is divided into several sections with the help of a metal piece called frets. Secondly, the tuning pegs are used to tune both the electric and acoustic guitars.

If you go to the market, you can differentiate between these two types of guitars without any problem because they look quite different from each other. The design is quite different from each other.
The first guitar that was made in the 1500s was an acoustic guitar. The life of a guitarist mostly starts with an acoustic guitar . If you are someone who is interested in free lessons for beginners acoustic then you all you need to do is buy a good acoustic guitar first.

The differences between acoustic and electric guitar

Price: The first thing that one should consider at the time of buying guitar is price. The price of acoustic guitar is always a bit lower than an electric guitar. This is a fact. The price of electric guitars is higher as you need an amplifier and other accessories along with your electric guitar.
Functionality: Obviously, the functionality of the guitar differs from one another. The wood top of the acoustic guitar vibrates more for projecting sound. Hence, it need heave gauge strings with picking. On the other hand, the electric guitar has lighter gauge strings and they are easier to play. The smaller body and thinner neck makes it easier for the learner to learn it more easily.
Preferences: If you are interested in playing guitar then you need to decide first which guitar you are more excited to learn, if it is electric then go for it but if, it is acoustic then go for acoustic. The physical differences between the electric and acoustic makes the electric guitar a bit easier to learn.
First choice: If you are learning guitar for the first time then it is better to start with acoustic because it will help you to learn the difficult aspects as well. You hands and fingers will become more flexible. In addition to this, a lot free guitar lessons for beginners acoustic are available online.
Now that you know which guitar to buy, it’s time to buy one and start learning from one of the these best courses compared on find best online guitar lessons for beginners website.

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Our review on the best guitar lessons online

The guitar players these days are extremely lucky because not only they can find good quality guitar lessons online but the prices of these lessons are reasonable as well. However, there are some free online guitar lessons as well. The bad thing is it is quite hard to find the best one because there is too much choice on the web and if you do not choose wisely then you may end up wasting your time and money. It has become easier for anyone to shoot a video and sell it online. You might go to a wannabe metal riff player to learn guitar, but instead you will find that he plays good but he can’t teach.
We have quite a few guitarists on our team and all of us together, started learning a new lesson to improve our knowledge and proficiency in guitar with the help of guitar lessons online.

Then, we shortlisted the websites those actually helped us to improve our expertise in guitar learning. From this research, we found out that not all the online guitar channels are able to teach you guitar but there are some which can actually teach you some new guitar lessons. Basically, we did hours of research to find out the best online guitar lessons website.
The top 4 guitar lessons online at a-glance
Like, we mentioned there are dozens of guitar lessons online and it is very tough to choose the best one. You will even get many apps on your apple or android phone. A lot of the guitar enthusiasts are spending their money on these shitty apps which are not even worth their money.
The top four websites from where you can learn guitar are:
1. Guitar tricks: Guitartricks website that most people look for. It has all the necessary information a beginner need for learning guitar. A free trial is available but the monthly price is 19.95 dollars which is pretty reasonable.

2. Justin tricks: Well, who said lessons always come with a price tag? You can learn guitar without any money. If you are not willing to spend money then do not waste your time by watching useless YouTube videos, rather go for Justin Guitar, you will surely learn a new technique.
3. Jamplay: Guitar tricks and Jamplay are more or less similar. They both offer similar types of lessons and these are very easy to learn. This website has been around for quite a long time and a lot of people have started their music career after learning guitar from this website. This website have generous amount of free trials so start by trying the free lessons. If you think it is perfect for you then start the subscription. The membership cost is 19.95 dollars.
4. ArtistWorks: Well, I would not say they are the best guitar teaching website as the membership fee is 33 dollars each month that is almost 1 and half of the other websites. It has been designed with all the necessary lessons for both beginners and professionals.
These are the top 4 websites who are providing a list of courses that provides details on how to play guitar for beginners step by step. If you do not have time to join a guitar class, then you can simply visit these websites.

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How to teach yourself Fingerstyle guitar lessons online

Over the recent years, the modern fingerstyle guitar has gained a lot of popularity. A lot of the guitarists these days are getting interested on this and they are looking for a way to learn the fingerstyle guitar lessons online. There many popular players like Antoine, Andy McKee, and Emmanuel etc. who have generated millions of views on YouTube and toured incessantly increasing this very popular style to the mass people. And if you are also interested to learn this style of guitar just like me but do not have the time to join a guitar lesson class then fingerstyle guitar lessons online for beginners is perfect for you.
To be very honest, I have recently looked for professionals and schools that are giving the fingerstyle guitar lessons but none of them were as qualified.

Most of them are acquainted with the conventional style of playing guitar but not this one. Hence, I realized it would be a total waste of both time and money if I join these classes. So, I researched on Google and found out sites like that covers different types of guitar lessons online. But not found out anything related to finger style guitar playing.  Here are few of the Top fingerstyle guitar lessons online
The website with the largest collection of guitar video courses is the This website has some big name instructions like, Kaki King, Don Ross, Lita Ford and more. They have a section that is entirely dedicated to the fingerstyle guitar lessons online. Just go to, press the lessons tab on the top of your screen, then click learn a style on the left side of the screen and there is your most awaited style of guitar lessons. I would highly recommend the Don Ross series because they are lit!!!
Fingerstyle lessons with Martin Taylor
The artist Martin Taylor has a collection of fingerstyle guitar lessons on the website. He has already won awards for performing on different stages around the world. Though his style is jazz, the lessons are flawless.

If you are someone who is very interested in fingerstyle then you are going to love him.
Study with Adam
Well, the artist Adam Rafferty thinks his genre is the funky finger guitar style and he is a great instructor. The best part of his school is, you just do not get to learn from him but at the same time, you can have reviews on your playing. Hence, in case of any fault he will personally tell you to correct it. This is more of a guitar community than an online class because the online sessions are interactive but not one way.
Calum Graham
The first name that pops on my mind after hearing the word young an enthusiastic is Calum Graham. His videos come with instructions for every step. It is very easy to learn the fingerstyle guitar lessons by watching his videos.
If you are a guitar enthusiast and want to buy an online based program then you should probably subscribe to this facebook page that posts updates on all of the best guitar lessons online for beginners

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Everything that you need to know about an online guitar lessons for beginners

Who does not like guitar? If you are someone who truly wishes to be a guitarist someday, no matter what is your age or sex, you can do it because all the best online guitar lessons for beginners are available. A lot of us really wish to play guitar but most of the time due to our busy schedule it becomes tough for us to make time to attend guitar classes . Again, the cost of the guitar classes is quite high and time is also a factor. If you work at least 12 hours a day then obviously you will not get enough time for a guitar learning school. Internet has totally revolutionised this idea and you can now learn and play guitar anytime of the day. Whether it is the dead of night or the dusk, just pull out your acoustic or electric guitar and start an internet based guitar lessons. If you are determined then it will not take you long to play your favourite song on guitars.
Online lessons vs. Teacher
To be very honest, getting teacher is better than learning on your own as you will not struggle through the basics and a professional will always be there to help you in correcting your mistakes. Like I already said, no guitar teacher will teach you at 3 am of night.

In addition to this, the cheapest rate of a professional guitar teacher is at least 40 dollars per hour. Hence, if you go even once a week, it will cost you 160 dollars in a month. Not everyone can afford such price.
You will find hundreds of videos online saying that online guitar courses are better then personal ones but not all of these are worth your time. You need to be a lot more careful to find out the ones that can actually help you to learn guitar on your own. To ease your trouble we have shortlisted the three online websites lessons.

Comparison of 3 of the best beginner friendly guitar lessons online

Trust me; this is the best website for learning guitar online. If you are not sure where to go for learning guitar online, then you can choose them without any doubt. They have over 1100 lessons to learn from and more than 700 songs on their library. They also have a money back guarantee of 60 days so, in case, if you think you were not helped by their service then you can claim back your money.
Nothing can beat the popularity of Jamplay. All the beginners have rated it with five stars. They have more than 8000 songs to learn from and also a seven days free trial. Plus there is a section that shows you how to play the best rock song from last decades. The website is mobile friendly. Unlike Guitartricks, this website also has bass lessons.
The last but not the least, this is another most effective guitar learning website. There are more than 2000 lessons and each and every one is simple. It is also mobile friendly and has many bass lessons as well.

So, subscribe to one of these programs or like a give to this facebook page on online guitar lessons; and surprise others with your talent.

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