Our review on the best guitar lessons online

The guitar players these days are extremely lucky because not only they can find good quality guitar lessons online but the prices of these lessons are reasonable as well. However, there are some free online guitar lessons as well. The bad thing is it is quite hard to find the best one because there is too much choice on the web and if you do not choose wisely then you may end up wasting your time and money. It has become easier for anyone to shoot a video and sell it online. You might go to a wannabe metal riff player to learn guitar, but instead you will find that he plays good but he can’t teach.
We have quite a few guitarists on our team and all of us together, started learning a new lesson to improve our knowledge and proficiency in guitar with the help of guitar lessons online.

Then, we shortlisted the websites those actually helped us to improve our expertise in guitar learning. From this research, we found out that not all the online guitar channels are able to teach you guitar but there are some which can actually teach you some new guitar lessons. Basically, we did hours of research to find out the best online guitar lessons website.
The top 4 guitar lessons online at a-glance
Like, we mentioned there are dozens of guitar lessons online and it is very tough to choose the best one. You will even get many apps on your apple or android phone. A lot of the guitar enthusiasts are spending their money on these shitty apps which are not even worth their money.
The top four websites from where you can learn guitar are:
1. Guitar tricks: Guitartricks website that most people look for. It has all the necessary information a beginner need for learning guitar. A free trial is available but the monthly price is 19.95 dollars which is pretty reasonable.

2. Justin tricks: Well, who said lessons always come with a price tag? You can learn guitar without any money. If you are not willing to spend money then do not waste your time by watching useless YouTube videos, rather go for Justin Guitar, you will surely learn a new technique.
3. Jamplay: Guitar tricks and Jamplay are more or less similar. They both offer similar types of lessons and these are very easy to learn. This website has been around for quite a long time and a lot of people have started their music career after learning guitar from this website. This website have generous amount of free trials so start by trying the free lessons. If you think it is perfect for you then start the subscription. The membership cost is 19.95 dollars.
4. ArtistWorks: Well, I would not say they are the best guitar teaching website as the membership fee is 33 dollars each month that is almost 1 and half of the other websites. It has been designed with all the necessary lessons for both beginners and professionals.
These are the top 4 websites who are providing a list of courses that provides details on how to play guitar for beginners step by step. If you do not have time to join a guitar class, then you can simply visit these websites.

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